K-Teck: Colouring with Numbers…

Max for Live and Reaktor Devices...

New for 2020....... Rhith: Form Sequencer

Rhith: Form Sequencer

Rhith: Advanced Euclidean Shift Registry Step Sequencer


  • 16 Step Euclidean Gate Sequencer
  • 4 * 8 Step Sequencers: Pitch, Velocity, Duration + Probability
  • 3 Shift Registers
  • Generate Variations of Initial Sequence in Mono mode
  • Generate Polyphonic Patterns in Poly Mode
  • Force to Scale on Output

More Information and Purchase Here

Rhith: Form Sequencer: Shift Registers explained

Rhith: Form Sequencer: Introduction

Lleisiau: Breath of Stars

Polyphonic Granular Instrument

Lleisiau is a simple yet powerful Granular Ensemble for Native Instruments' Reaktor 6.3.1

Lleisiau is made to be played - either by yourself or your favourite sequencer

Lleisiau is designed to be fun to explore - a universe of possibilities

Available here

Lleisiau in action

Meet LockStitch...

LockStitch Drums

Quad 'Euclidean' Sequencer...

Combine sequence outputs in 'mysterious' ways...

Perfect for percussion, mental for melodies...

Available here...

LockStitch BE

Free with LockStitch

LockStitch BE Tonal


The Lads

Virtual Analogue Sequenced Percussion...


Kevin the Kick v2.0

Virtual Analogue Sequenced Kick Drum

Pinged Resonant Filter Core

Surreal Machines VA Filters

released 23rd September 2019

Available here

Kevin the Kick v2.0

Henry the HiHat v2.0

Virtual Analogue Sequenced HiHat + Cowbell

Schmitt Trigger Oscillator Core

HiHat/Cowbell/Clave emulation

Released 26th September 2019

Available here

Henry the HiHat v2.0

Sidney + Thomas v2.0

Virtual Analogue Sequenced Snare/Tom

Pinged Resonant Filter Core + Noise

Surreal Machines VA Filters

Released 1st October 2019

Available here

Sidney the Snare v2.0

Keith the Kick v2.0

Virtual Analogue Sequenced Kick Drum

Waveshaped Triangle Waveform Core

Released 18th October 2019

Available here



Euclidean Shift Register Sequencer...


Paul: Euclidean Shift Register Sequencer

New release 5th September 2019

Paul: Euclidean Shift Register Sequencer is available here:

News: 18 May 2019

Lliwiaeth Granular Dream Machine is here...

For Native Instruments Reaktor 6.3

News: 23 March 2019

Adlais IV is here...

Adlais IV is here...

Available Now... Adlais IV

Everyone's going to love this - improved code + loads of new features = added goodness:

New Stuff:

Multi-Track Euclidean Velocity Sequencer

32 step sequencer scrolls out/in as you increase/decrease the number of steps

Global Clock Reset - up to 128 measures

NoteIn - disable the clock and advance the sequence by sending MIDI notes in

GateIn - only play notes for the duration of MIDI Note In

Random ranges - select how many steps will be affected by the Random button, and by how much

Preset management updated

What's Improved?

Everything else...


So.... What is Adlais?

Adlais is:

An Additive Step Sequencer?

A Variable Word Length Euclidean Sequencer?

In other words, Adlais is…

A Very Powerful Step Sequencer capable of both monophonic and polyphonic sequencing

Adlais’ free drawn 32 step pitch sequencer and multi-track Euclidean velocity pattern are driven by a powerful, versatile Master Clock capable of generating complex melodies and rhythmic patterns

This sequence can then be affected by a generative additive engine which can create a huge number of variations of the original pattern both manually and automatically – complex evolving melodies and chord sequences

Finally, the sequence can be forced to a selected scale and note range before being output to your instrument of choice…


see here for more info...

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