Adlais – Shift Register Performance Sequencer


a shift register performance sequencer

designed with live performance and modulation in mind

the shift registers allow access to many variations of the main sequence without losing the ability to always return to base – an absolute must have feature in live situations

map your controller to the shift registry controls – or Max for Live Modulation sources – and generate ever shifting monophonic sequences or polyphonic chord progressions


15 step Master Sequence

3 independent shift registers – shifted clones of the Master Sequence

Monophonic and Polyphonic modes:

  • Mono Mode – at each step the difference between the Master Sequence and the shifted clone is added to the master, generating a new note – up to 512 variations of the Master Sequence can be generated using just the 3 Shift Registers
  • Poly Mode – up to 4 note polyphony – shape your chords using the shift register controls

All controls can be assigned to modulation sources and/or external MIDI controllers

Based upon some of the ideas here: Klee Sequencer


Adlais – Shift Register Performance Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

Buy Adlais here for £5:

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Updates will be free

Current version – Adlais v1.5 – 17 November 2017

If a picture paints a thousand words then perhaps a video…