Adlais – Additive Performance Sequencer

Purchasing Adlais

Adlais - Additive Performance Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

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Current version - Adlais v2.0 - 3 January 2018

Adlais v2.1 is currently in beta @RC1 and will be released soon


Adlais v2.0.1


Adlais: Additive Performance Sequencer


Adlais uses 3 shift registers (shifted duplicates) to generate a multitude of variations of the master sequence


Adlais was designed with live performance in mind. All controls can be mapped to your control surface or modulated within Ableton Live


Adlais is based around a simple 8 step sequence. Up to 15 steps can be engaged, each offering both Pitch and Velocity settings. Adlais' clock offers a wide variety of tempo and direction controls, perfectly synced to the host transport, including some rather wayward direction features not found elsewhere.


Adlais has a Scrambleriser. The eight buttons below the Pitch and velocity controls, when selected, cause the sequence to move in wildly unpredictable, but not random, ways. Unusual but repeatable patterns can be quickly generated in this way.


Adlais: early beta

Adlais 1.3.4

Additive Sequencing:

Take an 8-step sequence... MIDI notes between 55 & 65

The next graph shows a second copy, shifted to the right by 1-step.

In Adlais this shifting occurs when using the Shift Registry controls. Up to 3 shift registers can be employed.

Adlais then subtracts Sequence 1 from Shift Register 1, giving a set of 8 numbers: 

5, -10, 7, -2, 5, -3

which are then added to Sequence 1, giving the final sequence output:



Adlais v1.3