Henry the HiHat

About Henry:

  • Henry the Hat is one of 'The Lads', a gang of Virtual Analogue Sequenced Percussion devices about to muscle in on your music productions
  • Henry is a Virtual Analogue HiHat with bite
  • Henry offers a lot of control over the tone and shape of his sound
  • Henry is armed with a serious, grown up, sequencer - for maximum impact

Henry the HiHat: Features

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About the circuit:

  • Henry's circuit is based on a Schmitt Trigger network of 6 square wave oscillators as found in TR-808 and CR78  drum machines
  • Henry's controls offer access to popular circuit bent functions 
  • Henry is NOT a TR-808 emulation but does share similar sound characteristics
  • Henry can do a passable cowbell too

Henry's Controls

Body - This is the fundamental tone of the hat

  1. Freq 1 - Pitch of all 6 oscillators

  2. Freq 2 - Pitch of the last 2 oscillators which form the cowbell

  3. Decay - From a deep 'Click' to just about long enough

  4. H/C - HiHat or Cowbell

Bite - a pair of peaky HiPass filters 

  1. Spit - A spitty HiPass

  2. Spite - A spiteful HiPass

  3. Tite - A tightening exponential curve applied to the amplitude.... 

The sequencer

Finally, a grown up percussion sequencer that is simple to use, fast and creativity enhancing

Don't be fooled by its benign appearance, this sequencer can supercharge your beats in seconds

Here's a video exploring the sequencer's functions

Global Controls

Housekeeping stuff

  1. The K-Teck logo

  2. Device title and version number

  3. Preset display - for storing and recalling your presets

Global tone controls

  1. HiPass - A High Pass filter to lift Henry in the mix

  2. LoPass - A lowpass filter designed by Surreal Machines to remove excess top end

  3. Gain - Output volume - also drives into that Surreal Machines Low Pass filter for extra grit

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