Kelyn the Kick

Bored of sampled kicks?

Kelyn the Kick Drum might be just 'the thing'...



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Kelyn requires Max for Live and Ableton Live to work at all

Kelyn's Controls

Kick Body - This is the fundamental tone of the kick

  1. Freq - Pitch - from a window-rattling 35Hz to super fast 75Hz

  2. Curve - Decay characteristic - from a tight exponential curve to an overblown logarithmic curve

  3. Decay - From a deep 'Click' to just about long enough

Kick Peak - This creates a thump, or a knock, at the start of the kick

  1. Freq - Starting pitch of the kick, before it swoops down upon the floor

  2. Time - The time taken for the pitch to swoop down - 1ms - 50ms

  3. Slope - An exponential curve applied to the pitch sweep = softer/harder - kind of :/ 

The RED dot - locks the waveforms phase to the trigger signal

The TWO boxes - control the Triangle Wave Feedback

  1. Sets the amplitude of the triangle wave
  2. Sets the decay + curve of the triangle wave

The sequencer

Finally, a grown up percussion sequencer that is simple to use, fast and creativity enhancing

Don't be fooled by its benign appearance, this sequencer can supercharge your beats in seconds

For Kelyn, the sequencer has been updated further

The RED button - randomiser

The TWO boxes - 

  1. controls the randomiser amount for, more intelligent randomising
  2. controls the scrambleriser amount...

Global Controls

Housekeeping stuff

  1. The K-Teck logo

  2. Device title and version number

  3. Preset display - for storing and recalling your presets

Global tone controls

  1. Shape - controls the duty cycle of the initial triangle waveform - think Pulse Width Modulation

  2. LoPass - A lowpass filter designed by Surreal Machines to remove excess top end and subbify

  3. Gain - Output volume - also drives into that Surreal Machines Low Pass filter for extra oomph

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