The Lads

The Lads v2

All new Dual 'Euclidean' Sequencer

All New Clock

Updated Synthesis Code

The Lads: Virtual Analogue Sequenced Percussion

Why 'The Lads' sound awesome:

Created in software using topologies borrowed from 'classic', synthesised drum machines

All 'The Lads' share a similar output stage with Surreal Machines' ZDF Sallen-Key LoPass Filter

Kevin and Sidney use classic synthesis based around Surreal Machines' ZDF Sallen-Key BandPass Filter

All 'The Lads' share the same Dual 'Euclidean' Sequencer

Buy all 4 of The Lads (Kevin, Keith, Henry and Sidney for £25:


  • Download includes all 6 original Lads v1.0
  • Thomas the Tom's functionality is included and expanded within Sidney v2.0

 Or £8 each - see individual pages