Paul: Euclidean Shift Register Sequencer

Let's talk about Paul...

Paul offers:

  • 8 step 'Euclidean' sequencing
  • 1 to 15 step reset
  • 3 Shift Registers
  • Simple operation
  • Complex results

More features:

  • Note output scale quantising
  • All new, sample accurate code
  • 4 'Klee' type summing algorithms
  • All controls can be modulated/automated
  • Expandable, scalable modulation mapping section


Paul is the product of a complete code re-write

I believe Paul is the best sequencer I have made

Expect this tech to find its way into all future K-Teck products

Purchasing Paul

Paul Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

Buy Paul here for £8:

Once payment is made the purchaser should be returned to this page where a download link should replace the Purchase button

If you are not taken directly to the download link contact immediately

Updates will be free

Current version - Paul v 1.0 - 5th September 2019