K-Teck presents 2 collections of Devices:

  1. Max for Live Step Sequencers
  2. Reaktor Granular Ensembles



K-Teck sequencers take many of their features and concepts from the wild world of modular synthesis and beyond

K-Teck sequencers come packaged in compact, user friendly M4L User Interfaces

For example: the way Triggers are passed between modules and counted

The Scale Scan module, found in all the melodic sequencers, is a great example of 'beyond modular' - a series of triggers 'count through' the selected scale in user definable increments

This is unlike the usual modular solution of 'quantizing' notes to a scale and results in a very different musical note output


Max for Live Step Sequencers

K-Teck presents a collection of Max for Live Step Sequencers...

Bijou: Compact Euclidean Step Sequencer

Bijou step sequencer: Add (or subtract) 2 ordinary, variable length pitch sequencers Combine that with a euclidean sequencer Then pass ...
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Sarn Elen

Sarn Elen 2: Scale Scanning Sequencer Download Now - Free Sarn Elen: Scale Scanning Sequencer is available as a Max ...
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Iosif – Interference Pattern Step Sequencer

Iosif Interference Pattern Step Sequencer Iosif: Makes Machine Music - A new way to step sequence. Easily create extended, complex ...
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Max for Live Devices can only be used in either Ableton Live with Max for Live installed or Max 8


Reaktor Granular Ensembles

Presenting a complementary pair of Granular Ensembles...

Lliwiaeth: Colouring With Sound

Lliwiaeth: Colouring with sound Reaktor Granular Dream Machine Featuring: Granular Cloud Engine ResoChord: resonator section Extensive Modulation: 2*Step Sequencers + ...
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Lleisiau: Breath of Stars

Lleisiau: Breath of Stars Polyphonic Granular Instrument Lleisiau is a powerful Granular Ensemble for Native Instruments' Reaktor 6.3.1 Lleisiau is ...
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Reaktor Ensembles require a full version of Native Instruments' Reaktor 6

K-Teck's Native Instruments' Reaktor Ensembles

K-Teck presents a collection of free Reaktor ensembles

Links to the Native Instruments Reaktor User Library


K-Teck (Dave Elson) is very proud to be a part of Tom Ellis' Soulstate Jazz project

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