A different kick….

Building a kick in Max for Live.... slide~

This kick's a little different...

I've been composing for a show www.freerotation.com - I'm lucky enough to be a resident artist

I've become beguiled by a Reaktor Blocks patch which uses a West Coast type oscillator and a Low Pass Gate (LPG):

It sounds great: big and fat with loads of character

But I feel a traitor for not using my own Kevin or Keith.... 🙁

So I am investigating the possibilities with M4L, using the slide~ object

This video shows my jump off point.... i have tried it with Keith's waveshaping engine and it sounds beautiful but inconsistent - it also isn't LoPassing too well but I only started on it yesterday

Anyways, i just thought it was an interesting topology and something a but different...

A different kick: slide~