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Adlais V – Very Soon

Adlais V is nearly here and is really quite special:

I was hoping for a May release but am confounded:

June definitely…

Free update for all Adlais owners

all the best


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Adlais v3.0 news

Adlais v3.0 is now at release candidate stage and looking good:

so, what’s new?

  1. 3 separate, tabbed, sequencers: Pitch, Velocity & Duration
  2. Each sequencer has independent controls for #steps, clock multiplier, sequence start, shift and direction
  3. Global clock reset (hard sync): up to 128 steps
  4. Improved additive range control in Poly mode: shifts each register by musical intervals
  5. Improved preset system: saves properly with Ableton Liveset without having to save device

what does this mean for Adlais owners?

Adlais v3.0 will be a free update: I will mail out the update as soon as it is available…

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Adlais v3.0

So... What's new

I been thinking about a lot of stuff

  1. I entered the Reaktor Builder's competition - see my blog post here: Grainses and I'm looking at how to port it to M4L... so maybe I will, is going ok so far...
  2. I played outside in bright sunlight this summer, and The Lads and Adlais didn't fare too well, visually so I been spending some time tidying up some code and dressing them up...
  3. Adlais is going to be v3.0 and have an extra sequence for note duration... YAY 🙂 - is in beta testing at the moment but as I keep adding/tidying code it may be a couple of weeks...
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Grainses – for Reaktor Builder’s Competition

Grainses 0.2.1 is available in the Reaktor User Library:
Grainses….. Sequenced Granular Sampler
Submission for NI Reaktor Builder’s competition
Based around NI Factory Grain Sampler macro:
Two step sequencers
All assignable to any/all of 6 control parameters:
1: Position
2: Pitch
3: Grain Length
4: Grain Density
5: Jitter
6: Sample Select
Presets by:
Brett Lavallee
Nick Dwyer – Flintpope
David Coffin
Use the B-Panel – is betterer 😉

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Freerotation 2018

In case you were wondering.... K-Teck Live...

its been quiet around here... and with good reason

i been composing for my annual outing as Resident Artist at the wonderful Freerotation Festival

i started rather late this year, because of doing the Max for Live stuff

but i thought my set was the best i have done

maybe you'll agree:



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A different kick….

Building a kick in Max for Live.... slide~

This kick's a little different...

I've been composing for a show www.freerotation.com - I'm lucky enough to be a resident artist

I've become beguiled by a Reaktor Blocks patch which uses a West Coast type oscillator and a Low Pass Gate (LPG):

It sounds great: big and fat with loads of character

But I feel a traitor for not using my own Kevin or Keith.... 🙁

So I am investigating the possibilities with M4L, using the slide~ object

This video shows my jump off point.... i have tried it with Keith's waveshaping engine and it sounds beautiful but inconsistent - it also isn't LoPassing too well but I only started on it yesterday

Anyways, i just thought it was an interesting topology and something a but different...

A different kick: slide~

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How to Access the Max Package Manager

K-Teck's 'The Lads' Virtual Analog Sequenced Percussion devices all make use of Surreal Machines' lovely VA Filters. These filters can be found, along with many other fascinating packages, in the Max Package Manager. So here is a quick 'how to' on how to access them:

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Martha – Extreme Timestretch M4L Device


Martha is an Extreme Timestretch Device built in max for Live. Names and appearances can be deceptive: Martha is a serious piece of kit. Martha can:

  • Stretch your audio files by up to 127 times
  • Create lush textures and drones in seconds
  • Generate up to 12 pitchshifter layers

All through Martha's clean, intuitive interface

Here's a short video of Martha


I'll maybe do an inside look at Martha

Although there is a delicious tutorial here:

She weeds apart through a token lock, what a great thing to be free.....

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i keep wanting to improve the step sequencing experience

how to do that?

reduce the number of controls

give good visual feedback

create useful MIDI output

this prototype improves, i think, upon previous sequencers in a few ways

next is to build a modulation mapping matrix for controlling more than just pitch...

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Gare du Midi is one of my favourite poems

Here's a piece of music composed around a recording of one of his poems

Drums are 'The Lads' - a couple Kevin's and a Henry

there's also a granular, stretchy thing I thinking about putting together for a release

i dropped a random sample in and out came the rest of the track


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