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Dave Dove

this is a better – i think – engine
at the moment it only produces one sequence
but the possibilities are there…
this is alpha
so the UI and all that is up for grabs

the root selector is working – the keyboard is the selector
unless yours isn’t working and mine is…
agree about the colour display – was just a thought

sorry about the crash
i have push 2 but have never used it
will have to i suppose…

the train is a cool idea but
the new ‘engine’ generates a lot of sequences from just the two euclids
and i’m tempted to disappear them too – edit – the euclidean rings

the single engine (instrument) idea i used with ‘the lads’
mainly because i don’t like separate sequencers on drum racks
i prefer to see the sequence going into the drum rack
i also think the separate scale scanners is overkill

see what you think of this one as a starter
and we’ll see how far it can be pushed along before it gets messy
as usual i would like a lean, powerful control set
with plenty of repeatable surprises

happy new year to you all

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