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Dave Dove

hey Philippe

alfred v0.4

alfred v0.4

as always – UI is not final…

red, grid, green:
these select what you are editing on the grid
eg: select red and use the mouse to select/deselect red dots on the grid
select grid and you can edit the light squares
green = edit green dots
it is a bit buggy atm… sometimes the clock doesn’t count the additions
but should be a straight forward fix

how it all works:
clock drives a count synced to Live’s transport
reset sets max count at full – not divved – clock speed
swing – you know…
div_L&R = divides the clock speed for each channel – G&R – after the reset – prolly should be G&R

pair of 8 step euclids – fill and rotate
these are combined 4 different ways and entered into the grid so:
combo 1 = rows 1&2, combo 2 = rows 3&4 usw
fiddling with these gives a huge variety of grid patterns
i could add more flexible grid pattern entry but i’m not sure is necessary…

see above
clear = clears G&R patterns respectively

Scale Scanner
you know…
except there are two of them with one keyboard display
each has its own range too…
the free/reset buttons at the top = whether the count through the scale is affected by reset or not – is nice…

Duration and Velocity sequencers
number of steps
R&G count at divved speed

what i’m doing with it:
building really sparse patterns for malletty sounds in operator

possible additions:
expose the grid entry system – there are a few (8-10) ways to generate a 16 step pattern + reverse an ting
more coloured patterns – sky’s the limit
as it stands is very simple to operate
and stupidly powerful…