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Dave Dove

alfred 0.54

alfred 0.54

hey Philippe
switches = red/grid/green
was rushing while at work
sorry if brusque

you are right about the confusion over filling the grid:
by taking 2*8 step patterns and mangling them in inscrutible ways means:
they bear no relation to the outcome – unless the user coded it…
i think

the combination of two patterns + rotations gives a stupid number of possibilities
so i can’t substitute a 128 step knob…
on top of which the invisible combinators mess it all up anyway
and i don’t like dice/random things – M4L LFO for that…

so i’m offering here 2*32 step euclidean things which, for now, can be joined end on end or laced together
hopefully one can see the relationship between the euclidean controls and the resultant grid patterns
there is the possibility of reversing things and maybe one or two other combinations too…
but simplicity…

one can, of course, subvert the euclidean by drawing wiggly patterns in red and green
or just inputting ‘hits’ directly

ignore the Clocks section for now
is a mess

thanks for playing


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