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OK, the behaviour is graphically more obvious in this last version where we see the impact on euclids to the grid. I have not perceived it before AFAIC.
I still have some thoughts (you’ll probably won’t agree with) 🙂
– I still find it quite crowded
– What about forgetting the euclidean circles graphics ? They take precious space, and what I understand of them is that only important are the numbers (with rotate) which set the patterns for filling the grid. So numbers are important not the circles because the “final decision” is up to the grid. It could help to add more white space, or for example to add space to the vel/duation block which is quite small with high values of velocity and/or durations steps), but would need new layout, more hard work (not easy). Or may be merge Euclid and grid blocks in some way ?
– the new grid look is way better
– you have too many font sizes
– the “cluttered” feeling is also due to small internal margins of your blocks. The most correct example in the blocks is the velocity/duration one
– probably a good idea not to use additional color outside the R & G concept (i.e the orange fill of some buttons)

If you wanna play with colours, I thought about some possible candidates, several mixes being possible I guess
PS: only images URL in this editor, so I send the colours by email