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The best we ever had obviously. Begins to look like a finished product.
I kinda like the new bg color or opacity ? Feels more luminous now.
Last thoughts, sorry long post :
– clock values in left sliders are not eady to read in white : try with black ? or is i a question of opacity or front/back ?
– may be I already suggested, we might try to get rid of borders for grid too ?
– you went all color for the grid switches including their titles. Might make the titles more important than they are, but the overall look is nice I mustvsay
– Prefill : is the title self explicative ? May be « Max » or « Lim » might be better?
– scaler : current all-blue color may be has more sense with new bg color. White bg could draw too much attention, as it is mainly a display area (except root). But when you open it first, its keyboard nature is not obvious IMO. So I was wondering if having just black fill for black notes could be interesting…
– this might be seen as a waste of time but what about the space taken at the right by final outputs and logo (sorry for being so uncorporate ah ah). The idea would be to have a more compact device.
We have space for the outputs notes on the left and right of the scaler ranges. So remains the logo stuff. Why not put somewhere nice a symbol like the triangle we have at the end of popup menus that would open a new popup zone displaying logo ?
So I stop after this disruptive thought 🙂

Have a good sunday BTW