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lots of hard and good work recently. The overall aspcct is much cleaner now. Some feelings (see attached) :

– there’s something that makes me wonder about the new layout : it feels a bit crowdy again now. Do we really need the word « pattern » ? As it makes the top horizontal line busier (english ?). Suggestion : would the letters A & B in their respective colors be enough ? This would help lower their column size and give a feel of more margin tinthe Clocks / Grid / Vel Dur areas.

– Also, not sure I have a 100% feel that the current Patterns columns do actually relate  to the Grid, and not to the other side areas (clocks or vel-dur).

So adding the two worries (top h line and identifying grid and its controls as a unity) I made the attached proposal of having like a title bar area (the title itself might a bad idea IDK). And put together in another area Alfre and version #.

May be it’s too much, and this means a grid resize I guess, so I don’t know if it is worth for you efforts vs result

Tell me what you think ?

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