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Dave Dove

more pics:




the 4 euclids on the left are combined in devious ways

once combined the finished patterns are displayed on the right

there is a selector switching between 2 types of note output: fixed or scale scan

fixed is good for percussion, scale scan for melodic but who cares? – i use Iosif and Adlais for drums

this is definitely a LockStitch:

in LockStitch v1 the combiners are not very well thought out – and function in ‘real-time’

this one is based on different tech – the algorithms have two layers:

  1. thru, join, lace – then on to:
  2. thru, reverse, scramble

these are pre-calculated so there isn’t the lag seen in the grid thing

the euclid displays have been recoded – eliminating a lot of realtime calculations

but i haven’t quite finished them yet – i’ll post it up when i do…