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Dave Dove

thanks Philippe

i think i know what that was – and i think was fixed in rc7 but maybe wait for 8

7 also uses a different graphic system for the euclidean line – much sharper circles but this method will only work for fixed number of steps – i am looking into higher resolution jittery things for flexible euclidean displays

rc8 is a big housekeeping exercise – cleaning up all the code and stuff

is nearly there…

i changed how the + algorithm worked a little while back but i may add in how it worked before

what it used to do was just join two binary lists end to end whereas now it overlays them

i think there is a place for both but the ‘join’ algo generates a 32 step sequence which can only be accessed by rotation – which may be confusing and i’m not sure how best to enable that

i’ve also started working on a manual… attached

is only then i realise that what i thought was a simple thing isn’t…


as the quad euclid idea span out i am going to pursue it as a more ‘conceptual’ kind of sequencer with maybe a pop up UI and stuff… i’ll need to learn some graphics stuff and develop a coherent plan but the basics are there for something quite interesting


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