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Dave Dove



back to green

recoded the clocks into 1 patcher so less maths going on

added join mode to the combine dropdown – there’s now: thru, merge, lace and join algorithms, each with additional reverse and scramble modes

the merge and join algorithms both generate 32 step patterns: i have rotated the join pattern through 8 steps so that a difference is seen on the UI when selecting it

recoded lots of other bits

replace live.grid display – red moving rectangle showing playhead – with red leds

to do:

  • align some objects/text
  • update info view notes
  • big hunt – i think is pretty good
  • finish manual

as a percussion sequencer this is pretty good and a good upgrade on LockStitch 1 – is much more solid and predictable


i have opened an alpha thread here for exploring some stuff with the last of the older versions


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