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    Dave Dove


    still needs tidying up
    layout still not right
    code is very messy too
    not labelled anything

    still the odd bug playing back what is drawn
    it’ll be event timing
    the euclidean engine is still in there
    i’ll use it for the LockStitch update too…

    would like more options than just Join + Lace
    i’ve also changed the Free/Reset action
    it operates on the Grid and Scale Scanner now


    Image sent also by email ’cause it seems the link above does not work in this editor.
    Hey Dave, some proposals as I said. Here’s what I did :
    – set vert separators to 1px (instead of 2)
    – set a plain bg Color for Draw switches (orange and green)
    – centered Sync/Draw/Clear switches between edges of grid and respective vert separators, for each side (orange and green). I see now the green one should be shifted one or two pixels more to the right
    I found too much borders created a too boxy feeling (not sure you’ll understand this sentence ah ah)
    so I
    – set scale selection menu border to 0
    – set scaler border to 0
    – set bigger scaler border to 0
    – set scaler notes bg to white or light bluish grey if too light
    – set scaler ranges to color

    Did not have time, but it might be better to also set borders to 0 for vel and duration areas
    PS : the vel and dur color boxes are not shown here (lost when doing screenshot) but the orange one is a few pixels too shifted to the right

    Tell me your feelings about this

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    Dave Dove

    Hey Philippe
    here’s yours:
    i use a private folder on facebook to store my images
    then link from there…

    nice work

    Dave Dove

    here’s mine:
    i like your finer lines
    and yes… too boxy
    problem with the ‘Draw’ boxes is that all three are interactive
    but i agree with the colours
    will find a solution



    > problem with the ‘Draw’ boxes is that all three are interactive

    yes, but only one is active at a time, so you have either the green either the orange one, no ?

    And I’m now wondering if main bg could be better in black, like Iosif. Classic but might add constradt and readability ?

    Dave Dove

    yes but there are 3 draw boxes
    but i have fixed it so they switch each other off
    because the way i had done it
    two of them could look on when in fact only 1 was
    but is all good now

    background colour is up for grabs
    just getting the features sorted
    i have added a ‘PreFill’ value: Orange and Green
    this reduces the maximum number of filled grid slots when ‘Fill’ is clicked


    I don’t find anymore the post where you talk about facebook folder for images ?

    I tried black bg ; not so good, reverted to original
    boxy remedy : set border of vel and dur boxes to 0 : better IMO (see email)

    this beast GUI is not so easy

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    Dave Dove

    vel and duration borders are panels
    so i just remove them
    already done
    will send in a bit

    black skews all the colours
    i’m going to play around with all that when the layout is close
    you remember how tough Iosif was?

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    Dave Dove


    here you go



    > you remember how tough Iosif was?

    apparently not 🙂

    Dave Dove

    i found the layout really hard
    learned a lot from you


    thanks Dave


    The best we ever had obviously. Begins to look like a finished product.
    I kinda like the new bg color or opacity ? Feels more luminous now.
    Last thoughts, sorry long post :
    – clock values in left sliders are not eady to read in white : try with black ? or is i a question of opacity or front/back ?
    – may be I already suggested, we might try to get rid of borders for grid too ?
    – you went all color for the grid switches including their titles. Might make the titles more important than they are, but the overall look is nice I mustvsay
    – Prefill : is the title self explicative ? May be « Max » or « Lim » might be better?
    – scaler : current all-blue color may be has more sense with new bg color. White bg could draw too much attention, as it is mainly a display area (except root). But when you open it first, its keyboard nature is not obvious IMO. So I was wondering if having just black fill for black notes could be interesting…
    – this might be seen as a waste of time but what about the space taken at the right by final outputs and logo (sorry for being so uncorporate ah ah). The idea would be to have a more compact device.
    We have space for the outputs notes on the left and right of the scaler ranges. So remains the logo stuff. Why not put somewhere nice a symbol like the triangle we have at the end of popup menus that would open a new popup zone displaying logo ?
    So I stop after this disruptive thought 🙂

    Have a good sunday BTW

    Dave Dove

    part way through…



    New thought of the anti-boxy brigade : have you tried getting rid of vert separators ? As things are quite neatly organised now, they might be less useful.

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