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    Dave Dove

    i’m way ahead of you
    i’ll show later
    thinking about 2*4*8 grids
    side by side above buttons

    what makes iosif work is calm and l to r flow
    those lines break it up

    Dave Dove

    nice !
    – yeah switches titles in white ou light grey is much better

    Issues :
    – it seems I can draw wether or not in Draw mode (= always drawing) for all Draw modes
    – often erratic placement for grid cells : not where I cliked
    – scaler : incorrect initial display of root note : what is heard is not what is displayef

    Nit-picker mode :
    1. it could be good that when clicking Fill, the Grid keeps previously created hit cells and just add new different cells
    2. clock sliders : the most used values are located in a tiny area at the bottom. May be the slider could use another scaling ?


    Sigh: return og the bg color doubt
    I send you a pic email

    Dave Dove


    i like that
    could you send hex value for that brown please?
    could replace the blue panels with original green?

    draw mode will be a quick fix
    erratic drawing will not – i’ve been putting it off
    scaler root display = quick fix

    Nit Pix:
    not practical i don’t think (because the way the grid engine works) but i am thinking a memory for previous iteration/s – also drawing them in is the way to do that
    clock sliders – yes i know – maybe use an exponent but might remove the sliders anyway

    enough for now…
    all this UI stuff is procrastination
    fixing and enhancing the grid engine is next 🙂



    Hex : 474847

    But is it the definitive one ? IDK ah ah
    OOK I let you debug and optimise

    Dave Dove


    fixed – draw mode
    fixed – sequencer not stepping through edited pattern correctly – hopefully – this is a tough one
    fixed – erratic drawing onto grid – hopefully again

    have a crude a/b revert working for the grid
    may lose a ‘prefill’ control for it – so one ‘prefill’ does both

    more UI stuff done
    alignments not great
    for some reason Gimp won’t colorise the logo
    is prolly time i redit it
    but i’m doing the same as i was the other day – when it worked fine :/

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    • This reply was modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago by Dave Dove.

    logo color : if you send me the file and tell the color, I can do it

    Dave Dove



    k. here we go…
    fixed various drawing and counting issues
    extended clock faders for easier use
    added a/b button – this switches between the Grid’s current and previous states – not the orange and green patterns
    added MIDI in to Root Select button to the left of the Root Display
    removed multislider backgrounds – velocity and duration
    i have completed most of the Info View notation but – as usual – many not showing up

    to do:
    sort out initialisation
    see if is possible to save grid and pattern states with liveset
    finalise layout – objects, spacing and colours
    clean out redundant code and clutter
    write manual

    i currently have it running into a noise engineering module (reason rack) modulating the linked clock (3 steps apart) and skip (one inverted) with a m4l lFO on random at 3 bars… 😮

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    nice one, Dave.
    Ladt thoughts :
    – a/b supposed to work already ? Could not find a way yey
    – possible bug : I don’t know exact relationship between grid hits and skip, but it seems when skip > hits, only root note is played. Or something like this.
    – MIDI to root is good thing

    that’s all for now

    PS : had a look at white horse, nice art. I’m a fan of archeology, following a great podcast (fr) notably…


    I was thinking : could be interesting to use the grid process as a random MIDI cc generator ? you would set values in each cell or else … with a smooth function of course … like another kind of random / lfo


    Dave Dove

    hey Philippe
    a/b should be working- i’ll try it later
    every time a blue square is landed on it advances a count
    each colour advances a separate count
    the count advances to the number of notes in the scale – this is wrong and should be the number of notes in the scale in the selected range – to do
    C chromatic – skip = 1: 1,2,3,4…12 = C,C#,D,Eb,….B
    skip = 2: 1,3,5,7,9,11, = C,D,E,F#…
    skip = 3: 1,4,7,10,
    skip = 4: 1,5,9,
    if a major scale
    skip = 7 will repeat the root
    skip = 3: 1,4,7,3,6,2,5,1
    make sense?

    this method of advancing the count and ‘skipping’ both come from modular trigger sequencing and are unusual in software – less predictable yet utterly predictable 🙂

    MIDI cc
    yes there could be a dial on each square
    it is straightforward (relatively) to implement but complicates the ui
    it would have to be tabbed as dials all over would create a fussy, cluttered space… my feng shui master would die a thousand times
    then you could have as many as you like
    problem i have is that setting 64 dials is onerous

    maybe for the future

    i could add a mapping function for the multisliders – that’s silly easy (see my Paul sequencer)



    more answers latet.
    But for MIDI cc, yes qi was thinking of another project…

    Dave Dove

    v0.8 a/b was not working because i had disconnected it
    will upload the fix when i get home


    the ui looks muddy on my work laptop
    need to think about background colours and contrast

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    muddy UI :
    – make bf overly darker for more contrast
    – but don’t loose the difference in bg in grid and vel/dir which separation without boxy malediction
    – the pale blue (like in Unlinked switch bg and vel/dur sliders or kbd bg) is not the most shiny one. Could also use bar sliders instead of thin lines style
    – could try white eventually for color neutrality to avoid too many, mainly for kbd bg or vel/dur sliders

    So many ways

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