IOsef Filter tremolo version yes please

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    Hi Dave,
    Saw the burners lit for your next projects, and I think plenty of them are fruitful. The filter sequencer based on Iosef however speaks to me. I think that’s the low hanging fruit among the bunch:
    *it’s the kind of device I can open immediately and know what it does. In concept I get it, and that’s my criteria for getting my bearings with any m4L device.
    *And I think you have a fairly receptive audience in this space. K-devices has their WOV. And hayakken has his trigator. And no doubt there are some contenders. But people are going to choose the best of breed, namely that it’s stable, lean for performance contexts, and novel with musical and rhythmic results. And I don’t think any m4l solution is being actively updated.
    *It sounds like it would not take recreating the wheel, so it’s a good one to fast track

    Dave Dove

    hey James
    see here:

    2nd beta test – MIDI filter thingy



    Oh I was thinking of an audio filter. A volume slicer. Using the IOseph sequence as steps for a tremolo…

    I’ll check out the MIDI filter in the meantime!

    Dave Dove


    audio filter might be easier to do

    the MIDI one falls apart with polyphonic input

    maybe trigger an envelope follower type thing…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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