About Henry:

  • Henry the Hat is one of 'The Lads', a gang of Virtual Analogue Sequenced Percussion devices about to muscle in on your music productions
  • Henry is a Virtual Analogue HiHat with bite
  • Henry offers a lot of control over the tone and shape of his sound
  • Henry is armed with a serious, grown up, sequencer - for maximum impact

Henry the HiHat: Features

About the circuit:

  • Henry's circuit is based on a Schmitt Trigger network of 6 square wave oscillators as found in TR-808 and CR78  drum machines
  • Henry's controls offer access to popular circuit bent functions 
  • Henry is NOT a TR-808 emulation but does share similar sound characteristics
  • Henry can do a passable cowbell too

Buy Henry the Hat

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Current version - Henry v2.0.3 - 18th October 2019

Buy all 4 of The Lads for £25:

Henry's Controls

Body - This is the fundamental tone of the hat

  1. Freq 1 - Pitch of all 6 oscillators
  2. Freq 2 - Pitch of the last 2 oscillators which form the cowbell
  3. Decay - From a deep 'Click' to just about long enough
  4. HiHat/Cowbell - HiHat or Cowbell
  5. Bite - a pair of peaky HiPass filters
  6. Spite - A spiteful HiPass
  7. Tite - A tightening logarithmic curve applied to the amplitude....

The sequencer

The Lads' Dual Euclidean sequencer:

a grown up percussion sequencer that is simple to use, fast and creativity enhancing

Don't be fooled by its benign appearance, this sequencer can supercharge your beats in seconds


Global Controls

Global tone controls

  1. HiPass - A High Pass filter to lift Henry in the mix
  2. Slide - A gentle Low Pass Gate to remove excess top end and soften the transient
  3. Sat - Crossfades between a clean and a driven signal path
  4. Gain - Output volume - also drives into a Surreal Machines Low Pass filter for the Sat channel