Interference Pattern Step Sequencer

Iosif: Makes Machine Music -

A new way to step sequence.

Easily create extended, complex melodies from just three numbers

Iosif combines 2 innovative techniques to create monophonic melodies

  • 3*integer Interference Pattern generates complex, evolving rhythms
  • K-Teck's latest advanced Scale Scanning module to apply melody to the rhythm

Iosif makes machine music beautiful


Iosif features:

Iosif can generate complex, nearly-non-repeating rhythms

To do this Iosif generates a series of Trigger Pulses from an ‘Interference Pattern’ formed by the interactions of 3 numbers 

These 3 numbers control 3 looping Pattern Counters

Every time a Pattern Counter resets a note is triggered in the Scale Scan Module

The Scale Scanner is new for v1.2.0 with 128 mostly new scales and leaner code



About Iosif:

Iosif uses Joseph Schillinger's interference pattern concept to generate complex rhythms

Iosif has very few controls - don't let that deceive you

Iosif is easily the most powerful monophonic step sequencer K-Teck has released

Every control can be automated by Live - clip or arrangement automation

Every control can be modulated by another Max for Live device like an LFO or K-Teck's Paul sequencer

In short - if you like step sequencers you'll love Iosif




Want more information?

Read this - Iosif User Guide v1.1


Purchasing Iosif

Iosif - Interference Pattern Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

Buy Iosif here for £12:

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Any issues with your download contact me here: and I'll fix it - no problem

Updates will be free

Current version - Iosif v1.2.1 - 15th September 2023

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