LockStitch_2 -

4 interactive 'Euclidean' sequencers are perfect for polyrhythmic percussion sequencing.

The new Combiner algorithms create unique 'non-euclidean' patterns.

New features in v2:

LockStitch_2's all new Combiners allow creation of more complex rhythms than are normally obtained with Euclidean Sequencing

LockStitch_2's new Velocity Sequences add expression to your rhythms

LockStitch_2 plays nicely with Drum Racks for beat programming - is also good for melodic work


LockStitch has four 'euclidean' sequencers with control over:

  • Clock Division
  • Sequence Length
  • Sequence Fill (Hits)
  • Sequence Rotation
  • Sequence Direction


More Features:

Each of LockStitch's Sequences can be 'Combined' any one of the 4 sequences:

There are 12 possible outputs from each Combiner

  • Thru, Combine, Interlace, Join
  • 4*Reverse
  • 4*Scramble

More Features:

Each of LockStitch's Sequences Output Sections offer:

  • Note Output
  • Probability
  • Active

Plus Velocity Faders for each sequence step

LockStitch v1 videos

What makes LockStitch_2 different from v1 is that the combinations are significantly improved:

Want to join 2 sequences end to end - done

Want to interlace or overlay 2 sequences - also done

Want to offset the 2 combined sequences? - that too...

Plus reverse and scramble (retains the Fill value) options for all algorithms

Sometimes the spacing in euclidean patterns is just too regular

Not with LockStitch-2 - This is euclidean sequencing on steroids

Update from v1 is free - as are all K-Teck updates - check your User Area or register here

I am super happy with this and i think you will be too

Purchasing LockStitch

LockStitch Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

Buy LockStitch here for £12:

Once payment is made the purchaser should be returned to this page where a download link should replace the Purchase button, but don't worry if the download link doesn't appear because:

If you register (recommended) LockStitch_2 will appear in your User Area along with any other K-Teck devices purchased

An email containing a receipt and your download links will also be sent out to you

If you experience any difficulties contact admin@k-teck.co.uk and I'll fix it - no problem

Updates will always be free

Current version - LockStitch_2 v2.0.2 - 9th May 2021

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Just add the code Multibuy10 to your basket - only works if you have 2 or more premium devices (not Sarn Elen) in your basket