Music made with K-Teck Devices

Musik made with K-Teck devices:

K-Teck Max for Live Devices: available here on this site

Reaktor Blocks and Ensembles: available here in the NI User Library

0-Coast sequenced with K-Teck Iosif sequencer, sound run thru Instruo Athru wave folder modulated by Moog CP351 LFO then thru MakeNoise Mimeophon.

Headphones or good subwoofer recommended



A simple track with the objective of getting space in the mix

It's all Easel with some H9 effects (delay and verb) sequenced by K-Teck Adlais4 a Max4Live plug with randomness added to that with another M4L plug 3xSEQ


I recorded this track in a river.
I love to intervene spontaneously, into the sound, into the distance and let myself drift. And this is exactly how this piece was created. At this point my special thanks to David Elson (Reflektor-6n6p). Dave's wonderful creations, Max Devices, as well as the Reaktor User Library "DrumSeq", have been used almost exclusively. Sidney and Kevin I let run and only Effects over it. Beautifully you can hear how deep and wide you can make the sound when you put Phasis (Native Instruments) and a deep reverb on it. Dave's Tom I licked with Ultrakick ;-)... class groove.
All sounds and the Arragment are mine.
Thank you Dave for your "Lads" Max Device.
All the best.
Sven Kretzschmar

Release date: 16 January 2019

A whole-tone groove piece, utilising Dave Dove's excellent Euclidean sequencer Adlais, an inspiring piece of M4L kit.

No keyboards were harmed during the making of this piece.

Maurice Gallagher

This is a song I wrote while visiting Iceland. Since I had to pack light for the trip, my resources were very limited. Using max for live devices as a replacement for hardware sequencers really appealed to me, and I was able to compose the whole EP with just my laptop running Ableton.

EP available here

The Adlais sequencer really appealed to me because there are just so many options, and I really enjoy playing with the random settings to give me crazy new patterns that I wouldn't have originally thought of. In this track you can hear the main synth line running crazy, even off beat at the start, to push the track into a nice rhythm.


Another piece of polyrhythmic world music using Dave Dove's fantastic Adlais Euclidean sequencer for Ableton Live...

Maurice Gallagher