Paul is a monophonic sequencer for note and modulation sequencing.

Paul's 8 different outputs map anywhere in your Live Set.

All this while outputting notes to your instruments.

How fantastic!

More features:

  • Note output scale quantising
  • 3 Shift Registers with 4 'Klee' type summing algorithms
  • All controls can be modulated/automated
  • Expandable, scalable modulation mapping section

Purchasing Paul

Paul Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

Buy Paul here for £8:

Once payment is made the purchaser should be returned to this page where a download link should replace the Purchase button, but don't worry if the download link doesn't appear because:

An email containing a receipt and your download links will also be sent out to you

If you don't receive a receipt and download link contact and I'll fix it - no problem

Updates will be free

Current version - Paul v 1.0 - 5th September 2019