Reaktor Granular Ensembles

Presenting a complementary pair of Granular Ensembles...

Lliwiaeth: Colouring With Sound

Lliwiaeth: Colouring with sound Reaktor Granular Dream Machine Featuring: Granular Cloud Engine ResoChord: resonator section Extensive Modulation: 2*Step Sequencers + ...

Lleisiau: Breath of Stars

Lleisiau: Breath of Stars Polyphonic Granular Instrument Lleisiau is a powerful Granular Ensemble for Native Instruments' Reaktor 6.3.1 Lleisiau is ...

Reaktor Ensembles require a full version of Native Instruments' Reaktor 6

K-Teck Reaktor Archive

Here's most of the stuff I have done for Native Instruments' Reaktor

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