Rhith is a powerful Mono/Poly euclidean sequencer ideal for Bass + Lead lines and exploring simple or complex Chord Progressions

Rhith’s simple interface encourages the question ‘What happens if I do this?’ Rhith's answer is most often musical and beguiling. Rhith will appeal to intrepid sonic explorers and musical mathematicians alike. Note and gate sequencers combine with the Shift Registry to produce almost infinite variations on a theme. Most controls can be mapped to M4L modulators (LFOs or K-Teck’s Paul Sequencer are ideal), hardware MIDI controllers and Ableton Live’s automation. The results are always in key and there’s a polyphonic mode too, for chords or harmonies.

Rhith: Features

  • 16 step euclidean sequencer
  • 4*8 step sequencers: pitch, velocity, duration and probability
  • 3*shift registers
  • Mono & poly modes

Features: Shift Registry

  • 3 Shift Registers
  • Generate Variations of Initial Sequence in Mono mode
  • Generate Polyphonic Patterns in Poly Mode
  • 4 Summing Algorithms in Mono Mode

Features: Clock

  • Sample Accurate Clock
  • Triplet and Dotted Note Divisions
  • Clock Multiplier - up to 16 Times Note Length
  • Swing Control

Rhith: Form Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

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Current version - Rhith v 1.0 - 16th Feb 2020