Rudiment - Rude Sequencer

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What is Rudiment?

  • Rudiment is a mono/poly step sequencer which uses the Max for Live framework, and only works in Ableton Live
  • Rudiment uses Interference Patterns to generate rhythms
  • Rudiment uses a Function line plus an extended variation on a Klee sequencer and shift registers to generate pitches
  • All this adds up to a step sequencer capable of some very natural patterns and phrases




  • Rudiment is very easy to use
  • Capable of long and complex patterns or
  • Short, repeated phrases with subtle changes
  • Mostly non-random - you can accurately predict patterns if you really want to...
  • Rudiment is a pattern tweaker's delight

Rudiment is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

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Current version - Rudiment 1 - 31st August 2021