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Adlais – Additive Performance Sequencer

Adlais – Additive Performance Sequencer

So.... What is Adlais?

Adlais is:

An Additive Step Sequencer?

A Variable Word Length Euclidean Sequencer?

In other words, Adlais is…

A Very Powerful Step Sequencer capable of both monophonic and polyphonic sequencing


Purchasing Adlais

Adlais - Additive Performance Sequencer is available as a Max for Live device for use only with M4L within Ableton Live

Buy Adlais here for £10:

Once payment is made the purchaser should be returned to this page where a download link should replace the Purchase button

Updates will be free

Current version - Adlais IV v4.0 - 23rd March 2019


So.... What is Adlais?

Adlais’ free drawn 32 step pitch sequencer and multi-track Euclidean velocity pattern are driven by a powerful, versatile Master Clock capable of generating complex melodies and rhythmic patterns

This sequence can then be affected by a generative additive engine which can create a huge number of variations of the original pattern both manually and automatically – complex evolving melodies and chord sequences

Finally, the sequence can be forced to a selected scale and note range before being output to your instrument of choice…

Adlais v3

Adlais v3.0 Global Clock

Adlais v3 Additive Section

Adlais v3 Generative Section

Adlais v3 Euclidean Section

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